Tripsomnia connects local tour operators with hotels, offering a vast array of high-quality tours and attractions worldwide. With 3,000 offers in 40 countries, travelers can easily book unforgettable experiences while hotels gain an additional source of income.

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# Overview

Tripsomnia is a dynamic web platform designed to enable users to effortlessly book and sell local tour packages and tourist attractions. Initially, the platform had gained significant traction among users, setting the stage for further enhancements.

# Challenges

Despite its growing popularity, the existing application suffered from several critical shortcomings, including inefficient performance, outdated aesthetics, and a user interface that failed to meet modern standards. As the platform expanded, there were significant concerns about scalability, user experience, and the absence of a secure payment system.

# Solutions

Our approach involved a comprehensive redevelopment using the robust MERN stack for a fast, flexible, and powerful foundation. We revamped the platform to include a management system for partners to handle offers, schedules, prices, orders, customers, and an extensive network of agents. The strategic enhancements attracted significant investment from Corvus Ventures, facilitating easier management for tour suppliers and enabling hotels to boost profits through attractive, tourist-friendly packages.

# Technological Framework

The technological overhaul included React for responsive user interfaces, Redis for enhanced performance, NodeJS and Ruby on Rails for robust server-side logic, Postgres for reliable data management, Ansible for managing complex deployments, and AWS for scalable and secure hosting.

# Impact

The reimagined Tripsomnia platform not only elevated the user experience but also improved operational scalability and security. The integration of sophisticated technology and strategic partnerships significantly propelled the platform forward, making it a cornerstone in the local tourism market.